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Bendable Bluetooth antenna expands beyond the body- enhancing the selection of control!

Bendable Bluetooth antenna expands beyond the body- enhancing the selection of control!

The control range that is longest away from all wearable Bluetooth vibrators!

Our smartphone application has features for everybody:

Lush may be used for close range control, & long-distance control. The Lovense Remote application provides the making, saving and sharing of Unlimited Vibration Patterns. The Lovense Remote software enables you to sync your toy’s vibrations with music. Sync to Music. The Lovense Remote software lets you sync your toy’s vibrations with noise. Noise Activated Vibrations. Almost Silent whenever placed utilize without worrying all about roommates, family members, or strangers in general public hearing it!

Solo Play


Discreet Public Enjoy

Sitting Number 5 To! 0 Feet

Ten to Thirty Feet

Online Controlled, Any Distance

The LUSH bluetooth handy remote control vibrator is quite stylish on the list of online Cam community. The slim red end that stretches beyond the penetration point is in fact the antenna. This has endless vibrational choices & as simply stated, could be managed with A app that is downloadable near or far by your partner, FWB or a internet cam customer. Curved going to the G-spot, it’s going to stimulate the whole area for 1.5 – 2 Hours of Continuous Use; Body secure Materials; Waterproof; cordless; USB Rechargeable; 1-Year Warranty.

If We may, I’d like to convey my stance on these advanced savvy gems of pleasure improvement. Five terms: BE MINDFUL THAT WHICH YOU WISH FOR.

Brilliant, convenient, resourceful, leading, these toys are way in front of their time. A now & then trick or treat, a special occasion, or racy snap chat for your man, it is not such a smart choice to exercise daily continuous use of these little pink devils while wonderful for the long distance kink sesh. Why? Cause conditioning the G-spot to higher level synthetic stimulation can lead to the eventual desensitivity to real individual touch.

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