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There are numerous of crucial implications through the present findings.

There are numerous of crucial implications through the present findings.

To the knowledge, our research may be the very very first to look at whether distinctions are obvious pertaining to motivations for doing very very first same-sex encounters that are sexual.

This work plays a part in an improved knowledge of exactly exactly just just what objectives may precipitate ladies’ very very first same-sex encounter. Additionally they talk against previous theorizing that LGB ladies’ motivations for intercourse could be more gender-atypical than EH ladies’ ( e.g., Whitley, 1988), which may have now been supported if, as an example, LGB or MH females had been to report greater improvement motives and reduced closeness motives, matching to habits seen among heterosexual males, in accordance with heterosexual females (Cooper et al., 1998). Focusing on how ladies’ intimate identification pertains to their connection with and motivations for very very first same-sex encounters provides a better knowledge of essential contributors to habits of intimate development. 2nd, the present work provides a few of the just available proof within an example of young adult ladies to guide theorized associations among intimate motivations and linked experiential results during a specific intimate occasion (for example., very first same-sex intimate encounters). Knowing that relations among theoretically-derived intercourse motives and matching intimate experiences are normal across ladies with a variety of intimate identities provides vow for general general public wellness interventions. For instance, interventions wanting to reduce or expel possibly high-risk intimate methods ( e.g., intercourse by having stranger, co-occurring utilization of drugs/alcohol; e.g., Carey, Senn, Vanable, Coury-Doniger, & Urban, 2010) could provide targeted skills and training that is motivational ladies who endorse self-focused, approach-oriented motivations for intercourse which are abnormally connected with safer intercourse methods ( ag e.g., enhancement motives).

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