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Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

For a lot of her life, but, Diane and people around her saw her wanting for the hands of a female as stemming through the injury of the youth upheaval, perhaps maybe not her heart. In later on life, she had been told, “You became a lesbian since you had been traumatized and wounded. ” Or in other words, they saw her natural means of bonding being a pathology, maybe not just a course.

The injury took place in Thailand, where Diane invested her first couple of several years of life. Her moms and dads had been medical missionaries from the usa whom decided to go to Bangkok to provide their church. She recounts:

There have been trellises going within the walls regarding the missionary substance that we liked to rise. My favorite thing would be to climb up woods. The tree is just a powerful feminine symbol that is archetypal followed me personally the remainder of my life. A tree is rooted when you look at the planet yet reaches for the sky. As an introverted intuitive kind, my challenge is to keep grounded into the practical life rather than travel to the ethers. Searching right right right back back at my youth via a Jungian lens, symbolically i needed to climb up into hands of this Great Mother and also have an earth-based connection with the divine womanly. Who knows? It had been enjoyable and I also felt free.

Whenever Diane had been five, she had an agonizing, terrible accident that changed everything.


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