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Downloading it and venturing outside shows that Tokyo has run into a situation that has led to demons spawning all over the city from a place called the Abyss. Now you’re charged with surviving using your demon app to ally yourself with the same enemy you’re fighting . Fuse them to make better & stronger allies and progress to the turning point of a now demon-infested world. Will you fight with the army of God to create a millenium long kingdom of Tokyo that lives under his law?

But characters actually go into their homes at night and leave the dark streets. It actually makes a lot of sense, people shouldn’t be standing in one place all day. Some parts of the game forced you to wait until a certain to talk t a certain person, so a whole new dimension was added to RPGs.

You also have a wide range of weapons, such as a water gun, which somehow kills zombies. Another weapon is the fire extinguisher, which freezes the zombies.

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Many games today have adopted this type of day/night aspect. Breath of Fire also has an amazing storyline (it’s an RPG, what do you expect) and very detailed and colourful environments. Secret of Mana offered something different to players who have been playing the same turn-based battle system for so many years.

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It may not be the best looking game, or make the most sense, but it sure is fun. When your nameless protagonist checks his email one day, he discovers a strange application that allows for demon summoning.

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This game played much like Zelda, with the ability to swing your sword manually at enemies. But RPG elements were still involved in the game, such as equipment to change your stats, spells, and intense boss battles. A neat feature in Secret of Mana was the ring menu, which acted like any battle menu from a RPG. This allowed players to quickly use a spell or change their weapon, but didn’t force them to use the same old menu.

Much like the next game on the list, Zombies was a very comical game. Your mission was to save your entire town from zombies, yet everyone else in the game doesn’t seem to notice the zombies. You’ll have to go around collecting people cooking hamburgers on the barbeque, cheer leaders jumping up and down practicing their routines, and army Generals shouting orders into phones. You have to get to the people before the zombies do, which will reward you with a set number of points.